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Grayson Highlands Wanderlust Bride

Last summer, I found a vintage 1950's wedding dress at an antique shop in Troy, NC. I was struck with inspiration as soon as I saw it and immediately started making plans for a styled photoshoot.

Maddy graciously accepted my offer to model this gown, which fit her like a glove! And after a whole day of planning, picking out accessories, making a flower crown and bouquet, we set out for Grayson Highlands State Park to capture some amazing photos!

Oh and let's not forget one of my favorite things about Grayson Highlands.. THERE


The entire landscape of Grayson Highlands is stunningly magical. I love all the rolling hills of green in the summer, the clouds that hover overhead, the pine trees sticking out from open grass grass fields where the ponies roam. If you're looking for a peaceful mountain photoshoot with lots of landscape options in Virginia, this is the place!

The Appalachian Trail also runs right through this land and is a great place for hiking and backpacking. Just make sure you close the gates that keep the ponies safe in their protected areas!

Grayson Highlands also hosts a few festivals every year, including their own Highland games! Theres also some beautiful picnic areas if you're just there to enjoy the views, eat some snack and see some ponies. But don't feed the ponies, they get plenty to eat from the land they live on.

Thanks for reading!

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